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Break into tech by building a Recruiting Practice!

Have direct control over the outcome of your income. Thousands of companies need IMMEDIATE HELP finding top talent for their sales, marketing, operations, finance, and engineering teams. Learn how to help these companies and put money in your pocket right now.

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What are some things covered in the course?


Start a profitable business that puts money in your pocket. Learn from the best in the business on how you can help thousands of companies find incredible talent for there organization and get paid lots of money for it. Learn how to identify top talent for a company QUICKLY.


Sales and marketing are the most important ways to get in front of your potential customers! We have PERFECTED how to get meetings at scale and automate the process. Implement these strategies in your own business, sales or marketing teams!


Artificial Intelligence can be a GAME CHANGER to help you automate and operate daily tasks at scale. We can help you learn how to enhance your skillsets and stay ahead of the curve!

Closing Deals

We have built an AUTOMATED process that we've used in our own agencies to close some of the biggest companies in the world, such as: Netflix, Merrill Lynch, Tesla, Capital One and dozens of others!


Use the same blueprints and systems that propelled our companies to produce $Multiple 7 Figures. Most importantly, learn how to SCALE what you are doing. So that you can create a valuable asset for you and your family.


Use our systems in every aspect of your business

Expert Advice

Here and learn from successful people who have been in your shoes and can help you! Build your network with them in our private Linkedin group!


With all of our courses you get lifetime access. Meaning you will be able to move and comprehend the content at your own pace!

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

What is this online course about?

There are a lot of people laid off from technology companies. on the other side of the coin, there are THOUSANDS of companies who need help HIRING amazing talent. They pay tens of thousands of dollars per placement!

Our program teaches you how to recruit those candidates to companies that desperately need the manpower! We are teaching you how to take advantage of that opportunity!

Is this course free?

While there are some out of pocket costs that are necessary, you pay us out of the deals you close from the customers we help you get!!

Can I access my Career Kitchen courses at any time?

Yes! We give you lifetime access!

Is there support available on Career Kitchen?

Yes! We give you access to our private community on Linkedin and you have access to our Career Kitchen Support team. In addition our Founder holds regular sessions with students once a week to provide additional help and support on any questions ones may have!

I've never done recruiting before. Are their skill requirements?

No! As long as YOU are motivated to succeed, we give you ALL the tools you need to, so you can be successful. We can get there together!

Are their guarantees?

Yes! We guarantee that you will get your first client within the first 30 days of you starting the program. If our process is followed and you're not finding success, let us know right away!!

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